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Berkenye Village

Berkenye Village is situated about 45 km north of Budapest on the M2 motorway and about three km from the famous „Danube Bend” in the Black Water Valley of the Börzsöny Mountains.

The picturesque Berkenye Village borders the Danube-Ipoly National Park, which streches from the village till the Danube on the East and till the Ipoly on the Slovakian border (40 kms) to the North.

The Grumbler Stream flows throught the village and forms a series of beautiful lakes.
 Between the old village and the new green commmunity Villapark, you will find the Linden lake.

Clean Air is one of the gifts offered to residents of Berkenye Villapark. This new green community enjoys one of the cleanest air in Hungar. Far away from  industry, far away from noisy traffic , (no through traffic) you find yourself in a center of bio-agriculture community which is proud of its bio-productd, best known are the raspberries.

The village lies 300 meters above the level of the Danube, the average temperature is several degrees below that of Budapest. (28 degrees in the summer, -5 degrees in the winter)

The village has been populated since the end of the 14th century, presently it has a population of 650.

The main employer in the village is the local bio-agricultural co-operative, which in the summer employes 130 people. Their main product is bio raspberries, sold in Austria and Germany, processed in their own cold-storage center. The co-operative runs a beautiful small hotel with 14 rooms and boasts with fantastic kitchen.

The village has a kindergarten and a primary school.

The nearest town is Vác, 15 minutes  away.with significant shopping outlets (a  Tesco hypermarket amongst others), a modern hospital providing in and outpatient services, and one of the best pastry shops in Europe, Dessert Salon.  There is both train and bus services from Berkenye to Vác.

The M0 motorway (the „ring” motorway around Budapest) runs 35 km away from the village. At the junction of M2 and M0, there is a huge commercial park, including a Tesco and an Auchan hypermarkets. Ramada Aquaworld, the largest indoor waterpark in Hungary is also at this junction

berkenye.hu ~ Site of the village, the co-operative and the hotel

desszertszalon.hu ~ Site of the famous pastry shop

aqua-world.hu ~ Site of the large indoor water par

dinpi.hu ~ Site of the Danube-Ipoly National Park





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